Sandro Lift



The power behind the SandroLift procedure is the heating and deep remodeling abilities of the 1064nm laser wavelength. The 1064nm laser is one of the deepest penetrating lasers used in aesthetics, with the ability to effectively penetrate down to the hypodermis.

Younger skin is elastic, tight, and smooth, this is because collagen fibers are in tightly woven sheets and easily recoil. As we age, these sheets begin to change and transform into a more relaxed spiral shape. This leads to loss of elasticity, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

The Sandro Lift procedure works via multiple mechanisms to repair these processes which allow restoration of skin elasticity, regeneration of collagen, and a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance of the skin. The goal is to heat the skin and underlying layers to 60-80C, which is the ideal temperature for protein denaturation.



Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning lamps, and self-tanner for 2-3 weeks before treatment. Failure to do so can impact energy absorption and negatively impact outcomes. Recent filler injections are contraindicated for treatment. History or risk of peri-oral HSV infection should be treated prophylactically with prescription medication. Any area of the neck and face can be treated. The SandroLift is comfortable on the neck and does an excellent job with skin tightening in that area. For male patients, it’s important to note that hair growth can be impacted in treatment areas. Avoid beard area if decreased hair growth is not desired. A full medical history, skin type, and medical assessment should be performed before any treatments.






The science behind all non-invasive rejuvenating treatments is pretty simple: heating of the tissues which results in remodeling of existing collagen fibers. The technology which safely delivers this type of heat energy, however, is complex and powerful. The Sandro Lift is performed with our powerful Sandro Dual laser and results in smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin with no downtime. 


The treatment will begin with a long pulse duration and low energy, allowing us to slowly, safely, and comfortably heat the superficial layers of the skin. At this time, your skin will begin to feel warmer as the rise in temperature stimulates healthy microcirculation. This process also enhances the thermal conductivity of the skin, allowing for more energy to be delivered to deeper layers of the skin subsequently.

The second step of the treatment involves increased energy where the concept of power density comes into play. Power density is a function of energy delivered and spot size. Think of holding a magnifying glass in the sun- closer to the glass you have a larger area; this area is less powerful. As you travel down the “cone,” more energy is present, which allows you to burn objects using the heat energy from the sun.


The slow delivery of increased energy allows us to safely heat the deeper layers of the skin for the same reasons we heat the more superficial layer of the skin. During this step, a cryo-cooling spray is applied to the skin to protect against tissue damage.




Sub-dermal Heating




Sandro Lift 1

In this step, we deliver thermal energy in a shorter period of time while increasing the pulse frequency. This results in a compounded effect, further stimulating the deeper layers of the skin, causing protein denaturation, and maximizing the collagen remodeling healing response.

In step 4, we revisit the same concept from Sandro Lift Step 1 but with a larger treatment size and slightly deeper penetration. This allows us to increase our effective treatment zone, causing further tightening, rejuvenation, and regeneration.




Sandro Lift 2




Undereye Circle Reduction

The skin under the eyes is extremely thin with a significant amount of superficial blood vessels. Not only does this mean the skin here tends to age more quickly, but the presence of these vessels can give the area a darkened overall appearance as well. The eye area is also surrounded by a protective layer of fat, which can protrude or migrate with the aging process and result in puffiness or under-eye bags.

In our final step, we use a high energy setting and a small spot size. The small spot size allows us to target the superficial vessels and the high energy allows us to coagulate some of the superficial vessels. The result is the tightening of under-eye bags and a reduction of dark circles.

End Points, Aftercare & Treatment Pearls:


After treatment, you should see erythema and edema of the treatment area. These effects are transient and will last up to a few hours, rarely these effects can last up to 3 days. Some clients may develop edema under the eyes if the area is treated, this typically goes down on its own but if the edema is persistent an oral steroid may be prescribed.


The basis of this treatment procedure is utilizing heat to cause collagen regeneration and rejuvenation, therefore you want to avoid cooling the area after treatment. 


The treatment can be uncomfortable for clients who have a low pain threshold or are sensitive to stimuli. In this case, a topical numbing may be recommended.


Showers are permitted, but gently pat the area to dry. Pustules or pimples may develop in the first few days following the treatment. Do not pop or pick these lesions. General skin care and cleansing should be applied to these areas. Makeup should be avoided until the lesions resolve. Microcrusts may occur and will naturally fall off in 5-7 days after treatment. Do not pick or peel the crusts. Doing so will risk scarring and/or hypopigmentation. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight during the first week or two following your laser treatment. Wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, sun-protective clothing, or bandages may be used to help protect from the sun. An SPF 30 or greater sunscreen should be used when your skin has healed. Swimming and contact sports should be avoided until your skin has healed completely. Avoid saunas or hot tubs for at least 7 days after your treatment. You should not use a hot tub if you have any open wounds in the treatment area until the wound heals.